The Stratham Memorial School PTO is organized to support and enrich the education of SMS students and to foster communication between the school, parents, and teachers to enhance educational opportunities. We strive to provide all families with fun, healthy, and academically engaging activities, and raise funds through events and activities to benefit the educational environment of SMS students.


The PTO sponsors many fun and engaging activities for SMS students and their families, and hosts informational events throughout the school year, including:

FUNDRAISERS to support educational purchases, special activities and projects --- all to benefit the education of SMS students. Items purchased with these funds have included The SMS Green Growing Lab, Promethean Smartboards, playground equipment, a basketball scoreboard, supplies for field day, snowshoes for the PE department and much more!

FAMILY EVENTS sprinkled throughout the school year.

OPEN PLANNING MEETINGS discussing current activities of the PTO - all are welcome to attend and participate.


5th Grade Committee: Calling all 5th Grade parents! If you would like to be part of the 5th Grade Committee, chair an event, or be involved let a 5th Grade teacher know.

GARDEN: Got green thumbs? Folks can help with a variety of seasonal activities to maintain the garden year-round. Contact the Garden Team if interested to learn more.

  • #AreUin? If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, find out how we've partnered with the KEY Collective to make PTO events accessible to everyone in our community. Learn more at https://www.areuincard.org