Stratham Memorial School

We exist to inspire every learner every day.

Katherine Lucas - Principal

Katelyn Belanger - Assistant Principal

39 Gifford Farm Road, Stratham, NH | Phone: 603-772-5413 | Fax: 603-772-0021 | Hours: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

Reminder to Visitors

Please bring a driver's license or another photo identification when visiting. All visitors are required to check in and out at the Main Office.

Our Vision

We imagine Stratham Memorial School as a school where:

  • Every student is immersed in relevant, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences.

  • Every administrator, teacher, and staff member works interdependently and positively in a collaborative community to promote student growth.

  • Every child and adult is empowered and enjoys his or her work.
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News and Updates

  • SMS is seeking an individual to join our team in the cafeteria kitchen. No experience is necessary. Hours are flexible. If you would like to work a school year calendar/hours and enjoy working with food and children, please contact Anne Walsh at

  • For information on safety and the Quick Tip Digital Hotline, please visit our Safety Page.

Are you in crisis?

Do you know someone who is? Help is available 24/7 with many of these resources. Don't wait!

Local Events


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