About Stratham Memorial School

A member of SAU 16, Stratham Memorial School is the elementary school for Stratham, NH, serving Preschool through Grade 5.  For the past 21 years, Stratham Memorial School has been selected as a Blue Ribbon School by the New Hampshire Partners in Education.  Stratham Memorial School has a total enrollment of approximately 575 students in Preschool through Grade 5.  After Grade 5, students advance to the Cooperative Middle School located in Stratham for Grades 6-8.

Stratham Memorial School has approximately 125 staff members.  The teachers and staff at Stratham are dedicated to student growth and educational achievement of all students.  The majority of teachers have been teaching in Stratham for more than fifteen years.  Defined as a veteran teaching staff, many teachers present at workshops and conferences throughout the United States.

In order to provide an appropriate education for all students, Stratham Memorial School uses an inclusion model in each of the grades.  All students are actively engaged within classroom activities.  Challenged students work with typical students using a variety of strategies and methods to explore material, solve problems, and learn from one another.  Furthermore, interactive and adaptive technologies are used to give all students equal opportunities for learning and growth.

Community Support

Parents are an important part of the Stratham Memorial School community.  Parent volunteers are often seen helping in classrooms throughout the school.  Activities before and after school are also conducted by parents and teachers as part of a variety of enrichment programs.  Some of the activities conducted by staff and community members have involved computer technology, music, art, writing, acting, and the designing and building of inventions from recycled materials.  These are only some of the many activities available to students.  Many more activities take place everyday at Stratham Memorial School thanks to the dedication of the community and school staff.