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Meghan McIlwain, Music Teacher
603-772-5413 (ext. 176)

Students in the Stratham Memorial School Music Program are challenged and motivated by a spiraling program, drawn from the National Standards for the Arts, the K-12 Curriculum Frameworks for Music Education, and the SAU 16 Music Educators.  Our K-12 Music Team continues to revise and re-design our curriculum, beginning with the end in mind.  Listening, singing, playing instruments, notating, improvising, and moving are the dynamic tools for learning in our music class.

Creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking translate into enjoyment and understanding of music for our students.

Curriculum & Standards Information:
  • The SAU 16 Music Curriculum Committee adopted the National Core Music Standards. These standards guide the curriculum alignment of the K-12 SAU 16 Music Curriculum.